Jennie Young Design

My career started with an internship at Ervin & Smith Advertising Agency. After I graduated from Creighton University, I worked there as a graphic designer and associate creative director for seven years.

When the first of our three sons was born, I started working as a freelance designer, which I have been doing for more than 20 years.

Personal notes

After living in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, and even a short stint in Ireland, I landed in St. Louis, Missouri, and have been here ever since.

When I’m not working or being a mom, I volunteer. I design fundraising materials for SLUH high school. I also volunteered in event marketing for the Adoption Exchange for eight years. I crochet blankets and hats for my church group called Stitches for Life. My goal is to complete one blanket a month.

I also enjoy vegetable gardening, hiking and photography.